About Us

My wife and I love commerce.  From our beginnings owning a successful portrait studio to currently owning a heating and cooling company, we have always loved the many challenges and rewards associated with entrepreneurship.   A while back I had to undergo bypass surgery.  I knew as I was recovering that I needed to “get out of the truck” and find a new passion.  And although I still do HVAC work, we know we have found our future passion in eCommerce.

We also take pride in being an independent online retailer.  It is our wish that visitors who engage in our sites think of us as a simple, small town, family owned business.  With 2-5 employees we aim to be small enough to provide fast, top notch service while maintaining steady growth by providing an exceptional customer experience.  We are also fully committed to the growth of our sites. started in March of 2018 and we will continue evolve and grow for years to come.

In the near future we will also be offering our own High Quality “Jake” brand bicycles, gulf clubs, hockey equipment, and other household goods.  All custom designed to best fit consumer need and budget.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our site hope you will enjoy your experience and return for years to come.